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Shred serious gnar with this dropped-thru Shipwrecker. The drop-thru brings the deck closer to the ground to provide greater stability at speeds and many advantages while sliding.

The Shipwrecker features a mild amount of rocker that spans the whole deck. When combined with the quarter-inch micro-drop and moderate w-concave, you get a secure platform that is easy to slide and super comfortable. The generous kick tails are glorious for manuals, g-turns, shuv-its, tiger claws, or whatever you're rocking.

You can also mount it on top for all of the top mount's sweet carving benefits.

Width: 10 1/8"
Length: 42"
Wheel Base: 30"
Construction: Maple

Recommended Setup:
180mm Reverse kingpin trucks
65-70mm wheels

Each board is glued, pressed, cut, drilled, routed, sanded, stained, signed, and screen printed by hand in house. We allow our boards to cure in a humidity controlled environment after pressing, ensuring that once our boards are sealed with three high quality coats of polyurethane, the moisture will be locked out, eliminating future warpage.