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EMBRYO Top Mount Downhill Board

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*Made to Order*

Returned for 2018, our Embryo deck has been a staple in the lineup since we first began, literally being the first model we ever made! Last year we completely revamped, reshaped, and re-thought the entire concept. We liked it so much that we made only the most minor of changes to the mold this year, just to smooth things out to perfection. That’s saying a lot, considering we are never fully satisfied. Our appetite for tweaking is insatiable.

The Embryo always will be a classic topmount downhill board with subtle features. This year, we kept the same exact profile as the 2017 model, while slightly modifying the concave. The concave features a comfy bowl in front, and then a clean sweep of concave from the front to back, slowly releasing in intensity but always retaining a progressive radial style concave. So many decks with big tapers offer little to no board feel in the back, as well as greater torsional flex due to lack of concave where the concave gets effectively cut out of the board. Straight radial concaves can help alleviate this, but your foot isn’t in the shape of a straight radius, so why would you want to stand in one?!

Style Points

Our take on skateboarding is that there is nothing more important than fun and style. Top mounts offer the best of both worlds. Firstly, gripping corners is FUN. Gripping is fun as hell and there is no better way to grip than with a top mount downhill board! Stiff construction will allow for a clean release of traction with no chatter caused by the board, and a crisp hookup from slide back into grip.

And if you’re having a good time, that’s half the battle toward good style. The other half probably has something to do with a top mounted deck. Don’t fool yourself. We all know skateboarding comes from surfing, and the more your board looks like a surfboard, the better. Period. Our personal design style has slowly been morphing this direction over time, and we hope you’re digging it as much as we are. Our team riders definitely are! Brick shapes are dumb. Surfboards are where it’s at. Blue Suit Bombers baby.

Overall Features:

– 1/4 inch rocker
– 38 inch length
– 9.8 inch width
– 25-28 inch wheelbase
– Clean rail sweep with rail feel from front to back
– All the style points